Welcome To Krishna Agro Private Limited
Krishna Agro is a privately held company whose sole purpose is to tap the inner potential of plants to the maximum. Krishna agro is striving to bring an organic revolution to the world by introducing a whole new stream of science unknown to mankind. Part of the Prestigious TAINWALA GROUP, Krishna Agro will change the face of agriculture in the years to come.
Florigen is an Organic plant flowering regulator which helps reduce the environmental stress on plants. It is absorbed by the plant tissues whereby it is broken down into naturally occurring compounds,
Cumacin is an Organic bactericide and fungicide which builds plants resistance against all pathologic fungi with special strength against the following genus - Alternaria,
Florigen Indoor
Florigen Indoor is a low concentration pouch of our revolutionary products which can be mixed with one litre of water and sprayed on upto 50 indoor plants. It is highly effective on Tulsi, Money plant, Rose,
01-01-2013 - A very Happy and prosperous new year to everyone.
14-01-2013 - Krishna Agro wishes a hearty Magh Sankranti.
18-01-2013 - Krishna Agro starts operations in Madhya Pradesh and will be operating out of Bhopal.
26-01-2013 - Happy 64th Republic day to all our fellow Indians.
30/05/2012 - Representatives from the company attended the AGRI INTEX 2012 exhibition in Coimbatore.
31/05/2012 - Dialogue with Ruchi Soya established, Field Trials to be taken this season on Soya Crop.
04/06/2012 - Krishna Agro shows interest to actively help Dr. Santosh Talegaonkar, Biotricks with his initiative YUVA MITRA AGRO.
19/9/2012 – Krishna Agro Launches new range of PROBIOTIC BACTERIA CONSORTIA products
1/10/2012 – Krishna Agro Participates in Agro Fair held in POLLACHI
8/10/2012 – Krishna Agro is planning to tap the Brazillian Market for its products. A delegation is currently in Brazil to take steps.
Mr. Ghanshyam bhai
I am a vegetable cultivator since last 26years. I cultivate multiple vegetables like Snake Gourd, Brinjal (Eggplant), Okra (Lady finger), Tomato, etc. I had initially used florigen on Snake Gourd. My Yield increased from 6 tonnes to 12 tonnes.